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Artist Choice photographs are Premium Enhanced. This gallery has been set to Basic Enhancement pricing for a limited time. Enjoy! Take advantage of this special pricing!

These were Portrait Sessions. All images in the Un-Enhanced galleries will receive Basic Enhancement (color/contrast/crop and enhancement to show the Photography By Faith "branding") upon purchase. Premium Enhanced images have much more time spent on them and include more advanced Photoshop detailing (contact Lori Faith Merritt for information on this). NOTE: MOST images do BEST when ordered as prints by clicking on BEST FIT in the shopping cart options.
IMG_1894 8x10 fltn.jpgIMG_1894 8x10 fltn sepia 2.jpgIMG_1981 8x10 fltn.jpgIMG_1981 8x10 fltn sepia actn.jpgIMG_2116 8x10 fltn.jpgIMG_2116 8x10 fltn sepia actn.jpg

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