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Both of the Clinton Anderson galleries are now open for viewing and purchases. Enjoy!

Clinton Anderson and Assistants

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Clinton Anderson and Assistants

Clinton Anderson: Clinic Participants

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Clinton Anderson: Clinic Participants

Guestbook for Clinton Anderson Queen Creek Clinic
Photography By Faith ®
The password protected gallery is of Clinton, Michelle, and Rick working with the participants horses as well as images of Clinton with participants at the end of the clinic after certificates were handed out. Once Clinton approves the images in the gallery, as they will be offered for sale, the gallery will have the password removed and will be open for viewing and purchase. This is a courtesy I extend to all clinicians, and they are not obligated to allow images of themselves to be offered for sale. Down Under Horsemanship understands the importance and enjoyment of participants being able to obtain images of their horses being worked with by Clinton and his assistants, and has agreed to let the gallery be available once the images are approved. Clinton is currently running another clinic and hopefully this gallery will be open to the public in about a week.
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