Lori Faith Bio:

Lori Faith specializes in equine and cultural images that transcend the ordinary through the Art of Connection. Her focus on western culture includes Western music and poetry artists, horsemen and horsewomen, cowboys and ranchers. Passion is evident in the images that portray how she feels about what she is experiencing rather than simply presenting what the camera sees, resulting in evocative and insightful imagery. Her life has centered around horses since 1971 and her experiences allow her to communicate with horses and horse people alike, providing an environment of integration vs. isolation.

Lori Faith's images have been published in print internationally (clients include Western Horseman, Bit Magazine in Europe, National Geographic, The Western Way, etc. ) and on websites, and utilized in equine advertising, Western music and poet artist's promotions, and are enjoyed by private collectors. She provides art reference images to painters and other artists internationally, with several of the resulting art pieces showing in galleries, used for personal commissions, and enjoyed by art collectors . She has served as official photographer for special events, such as schooling through "A" horse shows, the Western Music Association's Festival and Awards, National Day of the Cowboy events, Festival of the West, and many others. In 2009, she was accepted as the guest photographer for Gathering of Nations. She has established herself as a photographer who provides unique memorable images during the event and on privately scheduled photography sessions. Volunteering for several organizations that provide rescue services for horses and other animals and those that provide equine therapeutic assistance for people allows her to serve by giving back and in 2010 inspired her to become a founding artist of HeARTists for Horses (a group of like minded equine artists dedicated to using their art to benefit horses).

Based in Tucson, AZ, she travels extensively to provide customized photography for ranches and barns, portrait sessions, and to create images for her portfolio. She mentors privately and is starting to conduct photography workshops.

Artist's Statement:

Horses have been the center of my life since 1971, when we got our first horses and I discovered the world through their eyes and from their backs. They have been my greatest teachers and truest companions. Horses are Truth, Wisdom, Grace, and Strength. Living in Tucson, Arizona since 1969, I came to know horses as my wings, carrying me over trails and into competitions. I grew up with thousands of acres of unspoiled desert right outside my front door and often rode down sandy washes and over rough terrain bareback with just a halter...my bridle and saddle left behind hidden on a branch in the center of a Mesquite or Palo Verde tree. Trust was found in partnership and honest communication, with love.

Countless moments of exquisite beauty are gifted to the people who are fortunate enough to spend their life with horses. Courage and tenderness, passion and humor, compassion and playfulness...from wobbly foals to magnificent stallions...the world of Equus brings to our lives images that delight our eyes and take residence in our souls.The horses themselves have taught me how to photograph them. Connection is vital. Allowing time for the essence of an individual, the dynamic of a herd, or the unique bond of a horse and it's human companion is essential for images that transcend the ordinary.

In the world of photography, the word "capture" is often used to describe the moment when an image is created. I prefer the word "receive". That magical moment when an image comes to life, infused with luminous spirit, is a gift best graced by freedom. Anyone who truly knows horses understands that the best way to catch one is to let them come to you, to gift you with their presence. I apply the same philosophy to my photography and the generous nature of the equine soul continues to amaze me with gifts of evocative, mystical, and inspiring images that live and breathe.

Faith is essential to the way I receive images. When photographing, I trust people and animals to reveal their truest essence. It is important to establish connections, so I take the time to go beyond being an observer before I bring the camera into play. I strive to create a safe and relaxed environment where the focus is not on a hurried time schedule so I can provide faithful memories that people can enjoy and share with others. The resulting images are more honest and beautiful than either a client or I could have created with plans and technology. Personalities emerge, the depth of relationships come to light, and often a moment occurs that shows the best of what is and of what is yet to come. Each photograph becomes a window through which we can view the moment of its creation.